Mike Re-invented Himself By Buying Low at Tag Sales, Selling High on eBay

I read today’s Recorder and saw the Tag Sale Section. Then I thought about my friend Mike, who lost his job last month.  It’s not bad at all–he cursed out his boss, they canned his ass, and now, well he seems lighter on his feet and happier! I asked him what he does now that he’s unemployed.   “I sell things on eBay that I buy at tag sales,” he said.  He told me about a set of drums he found on Craig’s List–bang, a quick turnaround on eBay for a nice profit. Furniture, musical instruments, you name it, and Mike’s buying and selling it.

It’s so common these days to hear about someone who lost their job–and not their life.  People make due, figure out what they really wanted to do, and generally have more fun.  Mike has weekends full with paid gigs as  drummer for a Zydeco band, and his wife has a  full time job, with benefits. So he’s not sweating that part of the deal.  He spends his time scouring the ads, chasing them down and buying cheap–then posting it as quick as he can.  It’s a good life. We make it what it is. If you, like Mike, choose to look at the bright side, embrace the change, and adapt, even at a paunchy 57 years old–then you’ll succeed and have nothing to fear if you lose your job.