Hey Terrorists, Here’s What You Want

The Cardsharp credit card knife.
The Cardsharp credit card knife.

Hey terrorists! Here’s the knife for you! Sometimes I can’t believe the products that companies send us, and in this case, I have to question the ethics of the people at iainsinclair.com. When they first emailed us I scolded them for making a product that clearly is able to be hidden from security in airports, and that opens up to be

Closed, wallet ready.

such a scary looking knife. What is the point here?

I guess if I lived in the big city I might want to be able to count on having a deadly sharp knife in my wallet disguised as a credit card. But isn’t it sort of illegal to make a knife that so easily would be able to carried onto a plane?

The blade is now ready to use....
Once in flight, it easily opens to allow terrorists to take hostages.

I have a good friend who loves knives. I bet he will think this is very cool. I just hope that Tim or Mohammed the terrorist and any other bad guys from Yemen don’t buy this and make Iain Sinclair and the rest of us regret ever making it.