A Visit with Google Ad Sense in NYC

I am writing this blog at Google’s NY city advertising offices above Chelsea Market in lower Manhattan. There is no sign showing they are here but the security guys nodded when we inquired. We saw where they get their free coffee and pastry and lunches and now are seated waiting for the presentation to begin.

Like previous meetings with people who work for Google they are usually young–very young–and extremely confident. And just as I suspected, there was much to take in….

Some of my takeaways were that Google allows publishers to contact any advertiser who is running their ads on Google to sell them space on their sites. Once this was not allowed but it seems like the company makes so much they figure this publisher good will is worth it. Google also made a huge investment of $6b to buy Doubleclick which serves up their ads plus a publisher’s own ads without a fee. They promise to run the ads that pay the most, so it’s a bit of a shot over their competitor’s bows.

Now that the presentations are finished it’s time for them to analyze our site… I look forward to hearing what Courtney has to say about how we can earn more money with Google!