Two Little Citizens Coming to Visit

What a treat! Today I go up to my daughter and son-in-law’s house and pick up two delightful companions for the day. Sofie, age 3, and Nathan who is 7. These guys are coming with me while we hit the farmer’s market, then I have a lot of fun things to do in my bachelor home.

We will dig holes and plant the veggies, we will wash the side of the house where we need to paint, we will don aprons and cook something…all of those hands-on things that little tykes crave.

We will buy a hose and a new nozzle and I’m sure they will find that very amusing–as much as they will ask me again and again to be allowed to paint themselves.

It will be the first time my grand kids have visited me since they moved, and there won’t be any parents to helicopter in and call the shots. No, it’s a new world, and I hope to keep Grand pa and Mary’s house as a special place they will always be eager to visit!