Blogger On Vacation: Nothing New Here Until Sunday July 9

This is the holiday week. I could sense this on Friday when my email dropped to trickle, and phone calls reached no one. Few Americans will be working next week, including your blog writer.

It’s good to be going somewhere that doesn’t allow me to plug in. Where we are going cell phones don’t work and there isn’t any Wi-Fi. This might have caused me great anxiety a few years ago, but now, after so many years of being connected, I will happily let the cord dangle and leave the calls unanswered.

Some people spend big money to force themselves to not indulge their internet addiction. I stayed at a fancy resort in Maui called Travaasa Hana, where a bragging point was that there were neither TVs nor Wi-Fi in the luxurious ocean front bungalows. Fortunately, where we are going isn’t as pricey as the resort, it’s an old fashioned ‘cottage’ in central Pennsylvania’s Endless Mountains.

We will join a family throng at Eagles Mere, on a lake, with plenty of board games, a big wrap-around porch, and lots of adult beverages. So for anyone who might be wondering why I’ve not updated this week, hey, give a guy a vacation. Take one too. I’ll be back next Sunday July 9.