Writing Is Harder for Some and Gadgets Easier for Others

Writing is much harder than you’d think it would be. I get this every time I sit down with someone far more technically proficient than me, what I get is that to them, the hardest thing is thinking of what to say. That’s not true for a long-time blogger; our problem is that we have TOO MUCH to say and have to decide what to leave out.

I am blessed with lots of ideas but a severe impatience for figuring out how things work. For example, yesterday I was sent a cool device. A video camera about the size of a pack of gum that you sync with your iPhone to set up surveillance of your home when you’re traveling. Good idea, sounds good, but no way it worked when I tried it.

But a tech guy, who would have a hard time thinking of even which categories to write about, would probably be able to quickly set this thing up. I read today some wise techniques on how to write tighter, below are a few I think are noteworthy:

*Make a copy of what you’ve written, then when you delete, delete, and trim it, you don’t worry about losing something you might want to put back.

* Go through and erase any jargon that might have slipped in…we all do that and regular folks won’t know what you mean.

* Delete one third of the content…usually that will make it sound better and get your reader to the point.

*Finally, accept that the introduction and the end may be the only things people will read…so make these succinct and as well written as possible.