Trophy Wives Are Becoming a Thing of the Past

I think we’re making pretty good progress as a society. I say this today after reading a Boston Globe article declaring that the era of the trophy wife has passed, men no longer want to put the young lithe stay-at-home women on their arm and women are becoming far more picky about which older men they are attracted to. The story was illustrated with a photo of Jackie and Aristotle Onassis, who are history’s most famous May-November couple.

Nowadays, women are making so much more money that today, according to a survey, men are gravitating toward women who earn more and things like domestic skills and virginity no longer matter. Now it’s the successful, famous younger women who catch the old rich guy’s eyes. Today nearly 30 percent of working wives out-earn their husbands and they are now receiving the majority of college degrees.

Then we have President Obama coming out firmly in favor of gay marriage. It’s funny, many people thought he felt that way but it took his bombastic foot-in-mouth Veep Joe Biden to finally push him to say it publicly. I think it’s a brilliant campaign move. There are so many people who are in favor, and it forces Mitt into the corner pairing with the religious right.

The big question is–who votes more often, people against, or in favor of gay marriage?