Kayaks Bring a Joyous Piece of Nothingness to Life

If I were a sporting goods store that sold kayaks, I’d try to get as many people to borrow them and take them out for an afternoon as I could. I guarantee most people would return them and then want to own one for themselves.  Today we borrowed a friend’s kayak to spend an afternoon on Willetts Pond in Wendell.

It wasn’t more than about 50 feet into the trip that Mary turned to me and said,  “I’ve gotta buy one!” How can we resist gliding silently across the reeds, listening to the birds and the buzz of the insects while we glide across an empty pond? It was a shallow body of water yet as we navigated with the small effort needed to propel our craft, again I thought about how popular these vessels have become.

When I was dating it was hard to find a personals ad that didn’t mention kayaking as a primary recreational diversion. Everyone, it seems wants to join their mate or potential mates, out on the water. I can understand. Today, drifting across the pond and letting the wind take us was a glorious session of nothingness.  Another bonus of kayaking, you can’t bring your cellphone so you can’t look at it, or pay any attention to it, for as long as you’re out there.

And there is never enough nothingness in our world, is there?