Kamchatka, Russia: A Tempting Destination Because of Its Utter Remoteness

Kamchatka is a peninsula off Russia's far east coast.
Kamchatka is a peninsula off Russia’s far east coast.

For travel writers, the next place they’re going is the next best thing. And to many of us, going some place that few haver ever been to, or even heard of, is even better.

I got a package in the mail on Friday, it was a book about a place called Kamchatka. If you’re not into fishing, you are likely to have never heard of it. I know it because I met a group of people who are trying to promote tourism to this remote peninsula that dangles off the coast of eastern Russia in New York City in February.

This is one of those times where you gotta be careful what you wish for–and when a high profile speaking engagement pays great dividends. The Kamchatka tourism board and a rep from Yakutia Airlines came to see me speak at the NY Times Travel show, and remember when I stopped by their booth to chat about my interest in writing about their faraway land.

To anyone who attends trade shows, however, you know the drill. People will say anything and give out false hopes while speaking in their booths, but often your follow up emails go no where and the whole thing turns out not to be. But in this case, yes the letter contained an earnest request that I come visit Kamchatka and write an article about it for GoNOMAD.

I asked a friend who has been to every country on earth, his name is Charles Veley. He was messaging me from the cabin of his Global Express corporate jet, and said his memories of Kamchatka were of volcanoes “and one decent hotel.” Should I go? “Definitely!” he told me.

The trips are rugged…the people get around by all-terrain trucks and helicopters. Still, like any other destination, they see tourism as a way to foster prosperity. So in a few months, you just might be reading blogs written from faraway Kamchatka, Russia, right here on Readuponit.