Ha-Ha’s Bring Laughs to the Arts Block on Friday. FUNNY! Really.


Pam Victor of Pelham takes comedy pretty seriously. In fact she says that her form of comedy, the unscripted theater , is what’s in vogue with improv makers around the US.

She’s coming with The Ha-Ha’s to Greenfield’s Arts Block on Friday night, the first time a comedy show has been performed there. The Ha-ha’s at first bring out the games. Fun with the audience and a promise–they won’t force you to get up on stage! Even if you’re in the first row!

Then the group, four women from the Valley, Pam Victor, Laura Patrick, Christine Stevens Moe Mcelligott, knit together an on the spot dialogue for their long form second act, called Shrink. It is a pot into which the night’s ideas will be poured, but the foundation is that they are going to talk to their shrink about it.

Another pal, Julie Waggoner from the Villa Jidiots will guest star in Greenfield along with Scott Braidman, from the August Company, in Boston.

The same group performed this at the Double Take Fringe Festival in the fall, and when I saw it I was amazed at how ‘scripted’ it sounded. The mark of a good improviser is that it seemed that it couldn’t have been made up on the spot.

Sadly, the really cool little venue, above Hope and Olive Restaurant, cannot be used, due to space and handicap limitations. Arrghh!

But I think this will be a lot of fun.