Which Cell Phone Club Are You A Member Of?

Have we become our cellphones?

Many members of the Android club proudly eschew anything made by Apple’s arrogant late CEO, Steve Jobs. They proudly sit in front of PCs and for phones—no iPhones for them. They’re Android people.

No music from iTunes? No problem, they’re just happy to not give any more money to Apple. Sometimes they aren’t as happy with their phones as members of the iPhone tribe, but they love their removable batteries and that free spirited open source software that Google gives away to hardware makers.

Then there are the BlackBerrys. These are die-hards, even as their company is rocked by its sagging stock price and diminishing market share. Some of the newest BlackBerrys, inexplicably, still run the same lackluster operating system in 2012, but they like that little type-on keyboard—so much better than a virtual one. They’re loyal, and they don’t care that so many other people have given up cell phones made by RIM.

Then there are the iPhoners. The ones willing to toe the strict Apple line—no, you can’t take out the SIM card. No, you can’t swap the battery for a fresh one. Nope, you can’t get under the hood and tinker with the software. But it’s an iPhone. And they love talking to Siri and will probably never switch to any other phone.