Shelby Lynne Fills Up the Room, All By Herself

Advice: If you buy tickets in advance to an Iron Horse show, don’t think you can just unload them to willing buyers should your plans change. Last night there I was, joined by two other dudes, with tickets to sell for the Shelby Lynne show that wasn’t sold out. We had that look that people have–sort of standing away, like we were hawkers trying to sell things through the window to people on a train.

I wanted to see full bands, like the great one that backs Dennis Brennan, (all of those guitarists blasting out at you) and from the music I’d heard of Shelby’s, her band was a big part of why I liked the music. But these two performers were doing solo shows, simple guitar in hand types of gigs.

I was outside trying to find people without tickets, but hey, nobody shows up at the Horse at 5 pm who doesn’t have tix. So while I waited the the time frittered up to showtime, I realized I’d be going in, still holding the other ticket.

Dennis was ok, but Shelby was magnificent. I gotta give the woman credit, she filled up the stage with her playing and her singing, and it felt like she had a band. The people sitting with me were all pleased to see this stripped down show, and after hearing some of her hits, I must say, I was glad that I decided to stay, and that I wasn’t able to sell the tickets just like the other two guys out there.