Mt Bachelor in Oregon: A Huge Mountain in a Great Little City

Mt Bachelor, Bend, Oregon
Mt Bachelor is 9000 feet high with a 3300 vertical drop and a huge number of trails around nearly its whole surface.

On the slopes of Mt Bachelor, in Bend Oregon today, the sun was shining and people were in a great mood. Not only did all of this sun cause the snow to loosen up into very pleasing corn snow, it made sitting out on a deck during lunch an even nicer experience, up at the top of the Pine Marten lift.

This big mountain in central Oregon is not as well known as it’s bigger cousin in the state, Mt Hood, nor the many mountains that the west is famous for like Aspen and Park City. But it has some unusual features that make it a great destination for intermediate and family skiers and sets it apart.

There are no slope-side condominiums at Bachelor, this is all Deschutes National Forest so building these won’t be happening any time soon. Instead, there is a very easy smooth road just twenty minutes from a city that many people consider to be the idea retirement destination–Bend. For many people, this is a plus, they like the pristine setting of this gigantic bald mountain and don’t want to see the ticky tacky condos dotting every hillside. The mountain’s volcanic origins make it a 360 degree playground.

Mt BachelorThere are so many trails that you can ski the back, the front, and the sides and with a ring trail going all the way around, get yourself back to the base lodge with no worries on skis. There are plenty of condos nearer the city and in Bend there are now at least twelve microbreweries…and I’m told that there are six more in the planning stages for 2012. The city with its wealth of cultural activities, world class restaurants and mellow climate is a draw that makes Mt Bachelor really special.