Why Do We Live Here?

This is one of those mornings when I can relate to those many people I have met who no longer live in the cold parts of the United States. They told me about it when I visited Maui, and when I went to Molokai, and every time I chill out in South Beach Miami. They’ve had it with the cold, they want to wear Tivas and tee shirts any day of the year. And I usually find that sort of lightweight, not the kind of person I am.

Yet today, faced with an invitation to a brunch in Leeds, I can relate to those people again. I share their desire to don tees and Tivas and take a long walk today. But yesterday I brought the dog and the grandson up into the mountain and faced an uphill trail sheathed in pure ice. No dice.

I gave up my ambitions and had to get my exercise indoors. Bummer! When I think about all of the things I could do if we had California’s climate, I get itchy. I get frustrated. i want to ride my bike on a bike trail and I seriously want to drag my kayak back out into the Deerfield today. But no. It’s too damn cold.

I don’t know when I’d ever move to a full time tee shirt and Tiva climate. I have spent many years contemplating a February sojourn to California but as of yet I haven’t been able to pull it off. But wow, wouldn’t it be sweet today to plan a bike ride, or a long leisurely walk, and NOT freeze our asses off?