Roberta’s in Brooklyn: Where to Eat

I picked up a New Yorker from June of this year and found a story about a restaurant in Brooklyn called Roberta’s. I’m not likely to go there but I still found myself fascinatined by this new place in Bushwick Brooklyn. In the Tables for Two column, the featured Roberta’s a place where you’ll find sweetbreads on the menu and fois gras with rhubarb and pork chops with sea urchin. Delicious concoctions, but would I ever taste them? Probably not. How often do I pass through Brooklyn NY? Never.

I often read recipes in the same manner, never, ever making the thing that the menu was about. I wonder how many people will visit this Brooklyn restaurant now that they know about it from their favorite magazine. “The sweetbreads, lightly battered and fried, were like Coney Island popcorn shrimps, served with herbs, honey and a smear of Mint rema. Poached duck egg, an oozy bubble balanced on a hump of aged Shelburne cheddar cheese and maitake mushrooms, tasted like the essence of Sunday morning, even though it was a Thursday.”

I am hungry from great writing like that.

Roberta’s 261 Moore St. Brooklyn 718-417-1118