Creative Economy Summit 3 Brings Artists, Social Media Together

One of the things I love about Greenfield is how full it is of people who are willing to go out on a limb…to move a little further. The town and a small gang of five dedicated citizens and many supporters has teamed up for these diverse events. A video art festival. A theater event. And now they are hosting the Creative Economy Summit III called Fostering Our Local Economy.

Becky George is gathering up her people and once again, creating a unique event that people will remember. And building it into yearly traditions.The conference will focus on building brands and incomes from art and from creative processes. Social media will also be a topic.It’s designed to jumpstart people’s thinking to have 2012 to be a record setting year where artists thrive.

I’ll be giving a presentation about Twitter, Facebook and blogging. The event is in Greenfield March 23-24, 2012.