Boca de Tomaltan Mexico, Our Home for the Next Six Days

We are flying tomorrow at an insanely ridiculous hour…let’s just say that by the time you reach for a cup of coffee, we will have already been in the air a few hours bearing down on Dallas. Then we will fly to Puerto Vallarta and by 1:30 pm we should be settling into Boca de Tomaltan, a small fishing village about ten miles south of the big resort city.

Our week is about painting. Mary has packed up a huge assortment of oil paints, canvases, an easel and brushes and she will paint the surroundings while I try to document it as best I can for a story on GoNOMAD. At nights we will learn how to salsa dance and mostly, do what people do when they visit Mexico: Marvel at the light in the morning, take naps in the afternoon, and enjoy one of the the most relaxing  places you can visit.

Monica Levine and Bob Masla, owners of Casa de los Artistas, Boca de Tomaltan.
Monica Levine and Bob Masla, owners of Casa de los Artistas, Boca de Tomaltan.

Ashfield residents Bob and Monica Masla are our hosts. They came down to the village about twenty years ago and founded their artists retreat called Casa de los Artistas. They bring in big name painters and try to foster a creative atmosphere to encourage creativity. Combined with the seaside setting which provides ample subjects to paint, they add the fun of learning dance and a lot of relaxing too. They’ve also branched out to host weeks for family therapy, sex therapy and salsa dancing. They bring in well-known artists who teach painting workshops on many different paint mediums and offer people the chance for hands-on instruction and lots of time behind the easel in their large top floor open air studio.

We will chronicle our week in Mexico starting tomorrow, and we look forward to sharing it with you.