January Bears Down Like a Comet, and We Strive to Regain Altitude


South Deerfield MA center.

January is coming at us, like a comet that we can’t stop. I already feel that familiar dread that I once felt as a young salesman, worried about how we will all make it through the year’s toughest, bleakest month. But we always did.  I worked in the late ’70s at the Valley Advocate and they would always lay off a bunch of staff for a month or so.  The papers were so thin they really didn’t need all of us to paste up pages, but somehow we all muddled through.

For so many years I faced this bleak month with trepidation, but always found that as the winter ground on, things got better. This year I have heard many people tell me their businesses are not going well, or that they are retrenching, regrouping, and trying to see the path to prosperity

. In my own business I have pared down to bare bones and am hoping to recover some of the mojo of earlier days too.

I am relentlessly optimistic, so even with bad numbers and the bleakness of January, I will focus as hard as I can on doing what I need to do to pull us back up to a higher altitude.  We are all in this tough month together, so as we fight our battles, we can look over at the guy next to us in the trench and draw strength from our mutual struggles.