Being Reminded of Your Flaws Always Stings

There are times when I have to abandon my usual excess of joyfullness and realize that some days just suck.  I had a bummer day yesterday and it got worse…I was relieved by sleep and to wake up with a new slate full of less grim prospects for the day. It’s those little things that get me, things that make me think I create my own problems by haste, acting quickly thinking one thing but not taking enough time to think through my actions.

That’s the worst, for me anyway, when something happens that points out a flaw, something you know deep inside you are guilty of. When someone else points it out, in anger, or just in looking back it stings.  Now you know why you set her off, and it hurts because it was your attitude that little flaw of yours, that spawned it. Ugh. Then the guilt sets in and even though I will to myself and to her that I won’t do it again, I DID do it, so I’m guilty.

I passed along a news tip to my friend at the Gazette about a place that had apparently gone out of business.  Then it turns out that it’s not true, so I’m all over myself feeling bad. They reported my tip as a fact. They didn’t dig, yet my only digging was to ask a friend who does business with them. Today’s paper includes outraged commenters piling on that it was unfair of the paper to make a false claim.  Egads why do I stick my neck out like that?  Here is the story from today’s paper.

Ok, Ok, enough of this. I feel great, it’s a sunny day, and life goes on. Right?