The Pounding Rain Woke Me Up in the Sea Cottage

Last night the rain pounded down so loud on the metal roof of my seaside cottage, it woke me from my slumbers. I had a quick thought that I should record the mayhem to share with my readers…but when I finally got my gizmos all ready and turned on, the pounding had stopped, and I settled back into the big bed, contented to listen to the dissipating drumbeat.


The infinity pool at Travaasa, Hana, Maui.
The infinity pool at Travaasa, Hana.

It’s early morning now, and a breeze is blowing as the rain has tapered off. The forecast doesn’t look good for two of my writer friends who are taking an eight-hour hike, but the weather for a Swedish massage is just about perfect.

At dinner last night I shared my desire to meet interesting local people to tell me their stories. One direction I was pointed in was to visit Uncle Bill’s for breakfast. Apparently I’d find my fill of characters there, so that will be my next stop after coffee here at the cabin.

The beach here is rough, and the sand, dark black of the volcanic nature. The waves that crash just steps from this cabin don’t invite me to come jump into them. There doesn’t appear to be anywhere you can swim. To go to the swimming beach requires a ten-minute drive, it’s called Hamoa Beach, and it says that there are rocks, coral, strong currents and no lifeguards. But then, that’s what is said about all beaches in the state.