Grandkids are a Fountain of Joy

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Nathan, 6.

A friend commented to me about how cute my two grandchildren were. I thanked her and then told her that soon, she too, would get to experience the joy and ultimate satisfaction that comes with spending time with tiny tots. She has two grown children–so it’s only a matter of time I hope.

Last night, Saturday night, we had a date with Sofie and Nathan, and nothing could have been more fun. We took them to the Greenfield Y where a true children’s pleasure dome awaited: the gymnastics room with a huge padded floor, a pit filled with sponges, balance beams, climbing ropes and little trampolines.

The kids took off, exuberantly running towards the bouncy trampoline, bounding over the leather covered triangles, climbing the ropes, a non-stop marathon of movement. We didn’t need to do anything except watch and smile, they were on their own and loving every minute.

After a long time we went into the family dance and spun them around, dancing to the music and marveling at the disco ball. Then some time in the gym, shooting baskets and playing with balls of various sizes.

There is nothing so much fun to me now as times like this, hearing their joyous peals of laughter and watching as they move, grow and prosper. To anyone who ever decided not to have children, I’m sorry.

You are missing what makes the challenges of life worth putting up with