What Am I Doing This Weekend?

It’s a rainy Thursday morning in New England. It’s the day that I begin thinking about what the weekend holds in store for me. Fall is the season with the most events happening in our Valley. Some times it’s hard to decide which one will bubble to the top. What to do is more complex now, since I have a new partner I want to be with so I’ll have to choose something we both will like.

Yet it’s important to keep our old solo traditions alive, and not try to squash everything she or I used to do on our own now that we’ve formed this third union. In this vein, I still play my monthly poker game with my pals, and she still joins “The Get Along” up in Wendell which brings her together with old friends on most Friday nights.

I have often fretted about having something special to do on the weekends. I’d ignore the Thursday paper where all of the arts listings are published, and at the close of work I’d scratch my head and wonder, ‘what am I doing this weekend?’ The sad thing is when you realize that nobody really cares whether you’ve made exciting plans or whether you’ll just sit at home. But having a partner means there are two people thinking about what’s fun to do…and will be likely to turn into something memorable.

Some people live their lives and make nothing special out of the weekend. “It’s just another day,” they shrug. No, no, man, it’s Friday and Saturday night, and you gotta make it as great as you possibly can, I think to myself. Hey, how many weekends do we really get, only 52 a year!