My Local Bank Wants to Find the Cutest Pet…I like That

Polly, our dog.
Our dog Polly.

My bank is having a contest to see who has the cutest pet.

Of course who doesn’t think that their own cat, dog or gerbil is the cutest of anyone’s? I like this bank, for things like this…home town, fun things that are old school yet make people smile. I brought over this photo to show them, hoping that Polly will be chosen a winner.

Today in the bank, there was a photographer and a great big furry golden retriever. Who doesn’t like a friendly golden, lying on its back waiting to be petted? The tellers even had on special shirts decorated for the occasion with little pets.

Other things about this bank make me smile too. Like when I travel, I can contact my Facebook friend, the bank president, and ask her to tell the right person not to put my credit card on hold, just because I am using it in Europe or someplace else. I don’t know any other bank presidents except her, and she’s always really friendly.

I was a little disappointed, though, when my favorite bank enlarged their South Deerfield branch by about half again as large, and even though they had a giant south-facing roof, didn’t bother to put solar panels on it. I thought they could have made a great statement by adding the panels, and even though I got a nice reply’, I wasn’t happy with her answer that it was too expensive.

Now if my favorite bank’s online banking website were easy to use, and didn’t make me create a new password ever six weeks, well, then I would think this bank is just about perfect. You can’t have everything I guess.