I’ve Begun My iPad Lusting

I want one of these. Now I know why this device, the iPad, has so thoroughly dominated all of the other competitors in the tablet category: it is simply better in all ways. I bought a Nook from Barnes and Noble so I could view our ebooks on a device, yet every time I pick that Nook up, I don’t like it. Maybe it’s because the keyboard doesn’t figure out what you meant to type and fixes it. Or that when I was reading it at the gym, Vanity Fair kept locking up, inexplicably, and driving me crazy.

No, that thing just makes me hate it…and now I am happily writing a blog on this delightful pad. This particular model is owned by a school department, every school has evolved into using these magic devices especially for kids with autism, they use them to communicate.

It won’t be long befor I bring one of these home…and I know two little citizens who are going to fight hard to get screen time with it…in fact Nate and Sofie will be so wild for this it could leave their iPhone infatuation in the dust. Once they see cartoons and Angry Birds on a seven inch screen they will beg to use it every waking second.