Things You Can Find in Texas that We Don’t Have in Mass.

Texas is bigger and badder than my creaky little old state of Massachusetts. Here are just some of the things that I found down here in Plano that I’ve never seen in the Bay State. Well, at least not in the Happy Valley.

* Mega churches: We passed a gigantic building with a 50-foot wide sign and I say, ‘boy that’s a big church. How many people does that hold? Oh, that’s only 400 people. There are much bigger ones, like one with 7000 members. One preacher uses a helicopter to travel between three of these giant churches to his sermons.

* Church Parking for Profit: Neighbors can make a killing every Sunday charging the faithful to park on their lawns. Even the churches charge up to $10 to park.

*Rim and Tire Rental Shops: Yes, Virginia, you can rent those fancy steel rims that spin around, and big honkin’ tires to go with them. Then you can drive downtown on a Saturday night and look really cool. Just bring the rims back or pay even more than the rental cost. A common business model, I am told.

*Payday Loans and Car Title Loans: Need $500? Hand over your car title….or if you want $200 for a few days before you get paid, sign over that check, the one you got coming, and you can have the dough. Scary.

One % Check Cashing shops: Give us 1% of the check, and we’ll be happy to cash it for you. ‘Nuff said.

*The Dry Bar: A new business opening up in Legacy Town Center. A full bar and one service: they wash and blow dry your hair for $35. No cut, no color. Just the chance to get a fancy ‘up-doo’. The cosmopolitans are not included.