Tonight I’ll Fly to Zagreb, Croatia and Share It With You!

Old town, Zagreb, Croatia. photo by Jean Spoljaric
Old town, Zagreb, Croatia. photo by Jean Spoljaric

We are going on a trip, dear readers, so come along with me and I’ll show you a country I’ve never set foot in. Tonight I’ll fly from Boston to Munich, then another short flight to Zagreb, Croatia.  The reason I’m going is to attend a conference about tourism and get to know some people in the city and write about them.  It’s a last minute invitation, but sometimes these are the best kind. Not a lot of time to hem and haw over whether I should go. Just do it!

Despite my whining in my last post about my long-gone halcyon days, my modern life has treats like this last minute trip that I never had ‘back in the day.’  I can pick up and go, and there are few things that I relish more than being on board an airliner, headed for someplace completely new.

I’ve set up a few good ways to get to know Zagreb. I’m going to take a bike ride with a local host, and I already see on line that they have a good path where bikers and bladers both mingle.

I read the local papers on line and found a big problem appears to be contaminated water wells. Some people were hooking up to water service illegally, and that made the news too. I hope that this problem isn’t too bad and that talented scientists are working hard to fix that.

So every day I’ll make sure to share some of the places, the people and the stories that I learn during this five day trip to Croatia. Thanks for being one of my readers!