The D2R2 Brings Nearly 1000 to Deerfield for a Long Ride and More

Riders begin their 180 km ride from Deerfield on Saturday August 27.
Riders begin their 180 km ride from Deerfield on Saturday.

Every August, nearly a thousand bike riders make a bee line for Deerfield, where they take part in what is considered to be one of the best distance bike rides in the Northeast.  It’s the Deerfield Dirt Road Randonee, known by its shorter name D2R2.  The course winds up through small towns like Hawley, and Guilford VT, and offers a choice of three lengths of ride…40, 100, 115 and the longest one, a whopping 180 kilometers of pedaling.

We showed up at the race location at 4:30 am, bringing coffee, bagels and lots of other fortifications for the hardy riders who would take off at 6 am for the longest of the rides.  It was massive in scale, preparing food for so many people is a massive undertaking that had begun days ago in the kitchen of the Black Sheep Deli in Amherst.

Dinner at the D2R2 in Deerfield MA.
Dinner at the D2R2 in a field in Deerfield last night.

Riders came from Virginia, DC, Maine, CT and from much farther away to join in this ride.  Hundreds of local people volunteered to help out the Franklin County Land Trust, an organization that’s preserved 22,000 acres in our Valley and depends on this event as its number one fundraiser.

Our job was to feed the hungry masses, while Berkshire Brewing was there to slake 1000 people’s thirsts.

The Black Sheep staff prepared wave after wave of trays of rice, green beans, mac and cheese as staff manned three big grills and cooked burgers, dogs, chicken and ribs.  The lines snaked around the tent and we served for hours and hours.

It’s great to be a part of such a big event that raises so much money for work that’s vital and ensures the beautiful vistas of our Valley remain open and undeveloped.