Remember Today, the Calm Before the Storm

There are some moments in life when you feel as if you’re seeing a sign, seeing the future, and yet the future hasn’t happened yet. I remember hearing a short news snippet on the just-born radio station WRSI when I lived in Greenfield. It was Sherie, the DJ, talking about the Chernoble nuclear disaster. This made me think later when we were all terrified and thinking about the China Syndrome of when I had first heard about it.

This storm that’s bearing down upon us. Whoa. I kept thinking as I sat with a group of friends at a dinner party, boy, we are all here now, but what will our lives be like next week? Will we think about this time, the time before the storm?  I looked into buying a generator…if power went out, without internet, I don’t do any business. So many panicked thoughts race through my head, on this calm, clear beautiful August day.

Catastrophe. Storm of a lifetime. Direct hit. It’s enough to make you wonder…where was I when I first started thinking about what a storm could do, if it hit New York City head-on?