Italy Plane Reader: Our New Ebook to Read on the Way to Italy

I am proud to say that I like to lead. By that I mean, I am willing to be bold and venture into the new areas of publishing, travel, business and commerce that others may hestitate to move into.  One venture that I’m pleased to report on this morning is our new series of ebooks.  Everyone has heard of the Kindle and of course many people know about the Amazon market place.  We had to dive in, since GoNOMAD has more unique travel content than anyone.

So we partnered with a local man  named Jeff Rutherford who has been publishing his own line of ebooks for quite a while. He sells them on Amazon and in the Barnes and Noble Nook store, and does a good business with very topical subjects. One that’s been a hit are his kids joke books.  When I looked over the vast amount of content we’ve published since GoNOMAD began in 2000, I knew that Italy would have to be first. 

Italy Plane Reader: Get Psyched about Your Upcoming Trip to Italy, stories about Italian people, places and eats.
This book contains 31 articles about all parts of Italy and is a great way get ready for your trip. Bring it with you and read it on the plane!

First because of all the travel books published, Rick Steve’s Italy remains the all-time best seller. So we got to work creating an ebook that compiled all of our stories about Italy, along with hundreds of photos, into the first Plane Reader.  The idea is that this is for  your phone. It’s to get excited about your trip to Italy, the Italy Plane Reader provides 330 pages of articles about Italy, to tempt you and get you ready.

Yesterday Jeff gave me a report, and we’ve sold 20 of them so far.  This may be small but it doesn’t take much to get a head of steam up, and in short order we might be in the top for books about Italy.  We have lots of reviews on Amazon’s page and the whole thing seems like a winner.

Up next is our Central America Plane Reader.