He Cackled With Delight as the Waves Engulfed Us

Jetboat on the St. Lawrence River operated by Saute Moutons
The scene of the dunking in the La Chine rapids

The Jetboating trip was scheduled while our lunch was still being prepared, so some of our group rushed off to catch it, while we took a more leisurely approach and delayed until the next departure, at 4 pm. If I had known what was in store, I would have ordered another espresso and stayed on land.  The cafe’s braised rabbit and Cabernet were lovely, no reason to leave.

Saute Moutons is the name of the firm that takes unwitting tourists out into the St. Lawrence River’s La Chine rapids in a souped up jetboat with twin 660-horsepower engines. Unless you really want to cool off, don’t take this trip! Despite the rain coverall, the pancho, and the waterproof booties, in no time we were drenched to the skin, sitting in the open boat as cascades of water poured over the sides.

Our first mate gleefully counted down the seconds until the next gusher would wash over us, as we dipped down into a depression in the river known as “the Toilet bowl,” which made him cackle with delight.

Through a megaphone, he cheered each fateful wave, and even with us sitting where we thought less water would go, no, it was useless, we were soaked. And the passengers, in a masochistic and macho way, seemed to love it!