Can a Seven-second Delay Keep My Outlook Positive?

Often this blog turns out to be a pulpit on which to declare things like resolutions, or for me to share words I read that inspired me. I am still thinking hard about the essay on making the speaker a star, and how to put real effort into carefully listening, especially considering what the person is thinking about that’s behind what they are saying.

Today I met with a dear friend who counseled me on some of the many ways I’ve come up short for her, and I listened with as attentive an ear as I could muster.  It is damn hard to hear about your own faults and it’s compounded when you think  you are one way but the world easily convinces you that you’re another.

Denial of how I am percieved in the world is scary;  it’s so much easier to just blow off even thoughtfully given assessments. But there is great value in taking it in and  thinking about ways to trigger a response to not be negative, or selfish, or just a drag.  I am installing a little device in my brain….it will be my new seven second delay.  Like emails that you wish you hadn’t sent, and comments that just after they come out feel like the absolutely wrong thing to say, I want to push myself toward the light.  I want to see the good in people, not complain, and push ahead with clarity, and energy, and take full advantage of the wondrous gift that has been bestowed upon me.

You may see me pause….and stop speaking.  Then you’ll know my seven-second delay has kicked in, and whatever negative thoughts might have been trying to come out will go down the hatch.