Working for the Man…But You ARE the Man

I’m in a new phase of my life, and it’s definitely different from what I am used to. Now I work every day in the cafe, cheerily greeting the customers, washing dishes, mopping the floor and making lattes.  For someone who has owned his own cafe for nearly five years, it’s about time I figured this out.

To own a small food business in a small town, the boss man has to be the man behind the counter. As we have met prospective owners who are interested in having their own business, that point has been driven home. To make it work, you gotta work. A lot.

To some people, that’s a real temptation, especially because they already work a lot. All of the people we’ve talked to about taking over have their own day jobs…yet the appeal of owning their own place, and being able to have total control of their destiny is a big plus.

I must say that I agree. No matter how hard it might be showing up with a smile and a cafe tee shirt on to wait on people at the counter, or to fix the broken door or find out why the produce bill was so high, well to me it sure beats working for the man.  This way, I AM the man.

For better or for worse, I am sure that we will find the right people and pass along the reigns to our beloved establishment soon. And it can’t be too soon, because I’ve got a lot of traveling and writing to do!