Having Lunch with Interesting People is Tonic for the Soul

Having lunch with interesting people is a tonic for the soul. I learned this from my father, who was always known for his lunches with  pals. He was a very regular lunch-goer, the traditions would last decades.  I am carrying on this tradition at the cafe, and today I enjoyed lunch with Brad Tuttle, who makes his living by blogging and other writing.

He writes four to five posts a day about personal finance for Time Magazine’s website, and spends the other parts of his time teaching two journalism courses at UMass and writing for Budget Travel. That’s why he was there to see me.  Brad is really the new face of a working writer: creating a whole lot of content and multitasking in various related fields to earn a good living.

I never ever miss the opportunity to get our name in print, so I spent time over in the office printing out some ideas that I thought would fit the bill. Europe on a budget. Always on a budget, after all it’s Budget Travel.  After lunch I handed some ideas to him, and I think they’ll be useful.