Charlie Sheen to his Audience: “I’ve already Got Your Money!”

“I’ve already got your money!” cried fired comedian and druggie loser Charlie Sheen, to an audience member who demanded a refund in Detroit’s Fox theater on Saturday night. It went downhill from there, according to an AP story in today’s paper.

Who deserves to be called out as a fraud and an idiot more than this guy? The guy who bad mouthed his producer and snubbed his nose at his employers who were forking out $2 million an episode to keep him in sitcom. Now his job is parading his two girlfriends, one a porn star who likes to have sex with as many anonymous men as she can according to her blog, and the other a gold digger with her own questionable talents.

The story was a perfect example of hubris…you set up a huge 20-city tour that’s basically a mouthpiece for your drug-fueled rants, and what do you expect? How naive people are to have forked out money, $150 for two seats, to see him do just that? Did they think it was gonna be funny?

Even a promised appearance at the Detroit show by rapper Snoop Dogg turned out be a fake–it was only his newest video. I can’t wait to hear what happens during the next 19 engagements, more demands for refunds, and requests for something funny and hopefully, a realization by people that this guy ain’t worth paying any more attention to.