A Fitful Night of Sleep Brings Hope for a Better Day

It was a fitful night of sleep that capped off a restless, unhinged kind of day. I had an early work commitment this morning that kept me thinking about the time, and whenever my phone alarm is set it usually guarantees that I’ll be anxious in anticipation of the ringing. Not a good way to begin a day.

It’s interesting to me how days become drags and what pushes the bright morning possibility of anything great happening into everything feeling lousy. In my case it was a snap decision not to take a phone call, and later, a sense of worry about the future of my businesses. And an omnipresent noise that sounds like a small car warming up that I can’t shake loose out of my eardrums that I can’t get rid of right outside my window.

Part of my short week of regret is from a trip that I am postponing. A long-planned journey to a very dear place, and with the impending cafe sale it’s the wrong time to take off for ten days. But plans have been laid and the emails are coming back from hosts. Oh how sad it is to have to change the date, or worse, cancel and never see the place at all.

There will always be France, and trips can change, and like the relief of night that inevitably comes to replace the anxious day, the beauty of life is how it keeps moving on.¬† The more I work the less I have time to worry and fret, so I’m heading out early to fight the battles.