The Anatomy of Female Arousal Explained…With a Map

Last night I extracted a promise from my sweetie after agreeing to go to an event of her choosing. “You owe me two Patriots games for this,” I told her. It was a talk at the Serius Community by noted sexologist Sheri Winston, whose book is entitled “The Anatomy of Arousal.”  Winston explored the intricacies of female sexual pleasure.  It was a ‘hands off’ workshop, so the members of the audience, who were about 75% women, didn’t have to do more than look and listen.   Sheri said that the homework could be done at home, which entails using a mirror and a good light to really see what everything looks like down there during various stages of arousal.

Normal doesn’t really apply, yet Sheri said nearly one out of every two women she’d examine as a nurse midwife was convinced she looked wrong, or not normal. There are just so many different looks, she said, the vulva is like a face, each so different, and none wrong or not natural.

Winston asserts that modern medicine and the drawings that are used to show the locations of the female sexual organs can sometime distort the truth, and not show, for instance, the copious amounts of erectile tissue which in a woman, like in a man, gets engorged with blood during arousal. She says that by really observing oneself in various stages of the process of being aroused, you can better understand how to make the pleasure last and teach your partner how to do it better.

At the end I admit I came away with a lot more knowledge of how women are built and that might be nearly as much fun as watching two Pats games with her next season.