Mik Created a Soapbox Race, Now a Renaissance Faire in Turners

Last night I joined a bunch of local business people and sipped wine at Magic Wings in Deerfield. There were members of both the Amherst and Franklin County Chambers of Commerce there, plus a bunch of people whom I have known for years. It was fun to see people like my old boss and others who i interact with throughout the business day.

I saw one guy whose attention I tried to attract, but he was engrossed in a conversation with a woman who seemed intent on pressing her business card and sales message directly into his head. When he came up for air, I slid over and congratulated him. “Mik that soapbox derby you organized in Turners was fantastic!”

Mik Muller is the man behind one of the coolest ideas that anyone’s come up with in recent years. He got dozens of local people to work with their kids and build human-powered carts that raced down a hill in Turners Falls, and got hundreds of spectators to come out and watch. I tried to interest the local alternative paper in running some photos I took at the event, but they demurred.

Now Mik has another fun idea up his sleeve. It’s Franklin County’s first Renaissance Faire. A real old time costumed faire including a feast with big turkey legs, jousting, medieval drinks and the entire gamut of middle ages fun and activities. It will be held on June 18 at the Millers Falls Rod and Gun Club, which ironically is in Turners Falls. (The Turners Falls Rod and Gun Club is in Millers!

He’s modeling the faire after many other events like this that take place throughout New England. If he puts the same level of promotion, social media mojo, and his own passion into it, I expect it will be another home run for the resurgent village of Turners Falls.