Don’t Bother Him, He’s Having His Coffee

Jerry Seinfeld is still kinda funny. I saw him on Leno last week and while he does have this new smugness, this omnipresent knowing smile, he still can come out with some good lines that make me chuckle. He just wears really expensive suits and shoes now.

He did a bit about coffee. How people have to ‘have’ their coffee, and not just drink it. He riffed about how you cannot disturb someone while they are ‘having their coffee’ since it’s such an ancient, sacred, respected ritual. You have to wait. I had to agree he had it right.

Do you ever read something that you absolutely want to share, yet can’t think of the right time to bring it up? I read a review in the WSJ of a new book called “The British Americans,” which stated that during and after the American revolution, 8,000 loyalists fled to Britain. Their property here was confiscated or abandoned. Mary Beth Norton writes that even though these colonists thought they were returning to their true home, those born on these shores ‘found their advice ignored, their needs slighted, and their months of exile stretching into years.”

Finally, an English court established a commission in 1783 to compensate them for their lost land and homes, which was a milestone in the development of state welfare schemes.