Our Driver Fights Anyone Who Gets In Our Way

I’m on board the Megabus and so far I am a fan! It arrived on time, the driver is feisty and takes no crap from dumb automobile drivers, and he’s striving to keep us on schedule. We left Hampshire Mall at 11:30 am and all I had to do was show the driver a little slip of paper with the special number on it. That’s your ticket.

It was nearly all students, mostly female, and only one guy got off in Hartford, the only other stop other than NYC. At one point the bus was stuck in the offramp to Hartford…it was a pretty long wait, and there was an open lane but for a refusenik in a black SUV. After our driver attempted to climb past him, he sat on his horn, and blew a 2 minute-long protest honk. So our guy jumps out of the bus and goes right at him, yelling and telling him he’s an ass! I actually worried he might take out the tire iron, but he just yelled, then jumped back aboard, and the traffic melted away.

We are on track to make it to the city pretty much on time, and the bus is nearly full now that we’ve taken on a few more passengers in Hartford.

I wonder if this bus will travel the way Peter Pan does….they pass right by NYC and go over the George Washington Bridge, then come back into the city via the Lincoln Tunnel. Our final destination in the city is 33rd Street, right next to Bryant Park.