With the Alabama Story Done, Time for Ebooks and Podcasts

It’s another snow day in New England…everyone I know is getting weary of all of these days when everything closes down and the driving is terrible. I keep thinking, no, no, they can’t cancel school again, yet here they go, another day of no school, kids inside, and the cafe business slumps without our faithful customers–teachers and staff.

Yet I feel energized…that happens when I finally get something done that’s weighed on my mind. My story about our Alabama mancation will be ready for publication today, and it feels great to not have any stories due. I am as tough on myself as I am on our writers, it’s only fair.

With the story done, it’s time to try and flesh out new ways to generate revenue and keep our website going strong. I am excited about the new ebooks we are creating; I see this as a huge potential niche product. I envision someone who is en route to a country and wants to get a whole bunch of photos and information could download our ebook and get it all on their phone. A combination of ten articles about Italy, with lots of photos, would be a good thing to have if you are on your way there. Jeff Rutherford is helping us lay out the books and he’s hiring a designer to make them look first class.

The other thing I have time to work on now is our podcasts. These are going to be offered on iTunes, for free. They will give listeners short 7 minute segments about various trips around the world, and will feature Kent, Jean and me talking with Arthur Von Weisenberger on the Around the World Radio show.

Stay tuned!