You Know You Love Travel When It’s Time to Fly

I’m in that frenzied state impending airline travel brings on. It’s a giddy feeling of anxiousness over what I might forget, and a bit of excitement about taking to the skies again. You know you’re a real traveler when the latter trumps the former, and you’ve got  your trip on. Ready to rock.

I’m going to my fourth Phocuswright conference, this time in Scottsdale, AZ. This is the most well-known meeting of all travel meetings; the cover price is high enough so that they only send the big chiefs, and as a journalist covering the big cheeses, I get to go too.

This year I will also get a chance for rare facetime with my fellow independent travel webmasters; we are planning a big giveaway with a truly sweet prize–two around the world airline tickets–and we are meeting to hash out the details.

I’ll be innundated with requests for meetings; meet  people who are developing new and different ways to use the internet in travel, and attend some good parties along the way. And as usual, I’ll report on the fun stuff right here to share with you, my loyal blog readers!