Obama Would Be a Great President During Good Times

Today is election day and one of the first things I saw on my phone was a text message from my sister that said ‘vote.’  I know that I’d be disappointing her if she knew that I am the only member of my family who doesn’t swallow the entire Obama Democrat point of view hook line and sinker. I did vote for him, and in many ways I still believe that he’s doing the right things…but there are so many wrong things that it makes me pause and wonder if he really knows what he’s doing there.

A story in today’s NY Times declares that over the past twenty months, the president has lost nearly all of the new support that his energetic, inspiring presidential campaign engendered. He brought so many young and previously disenfranchised people into the fold, all chanting “Yes We Can,” and tearing up, like me, at his inaugural speech.

The story said that Obama is more suited to be a president during prosperous time, where he ‘could have given soaring speeches every week and made us all feel tingly about America. But he’s miscast as a partisan scrapper, and unpersuasive when he tries to feel the country’s economic pain.  Thus his sagging poll numbers.”

Unemployment is just too hard a foe to fight with speeches; a 28-year high is just too much for many Amerians to accept—and piling on health care and trying to add cap and trade was too much. This is what caused the slide, and this is why so many Republicans are going to win today.