Starbuck’s Baristas Under the Gun to Get it Done

Poor Starbucks!  First they watch their stock slide into the toilet.  They fight the notion that they are elitist, and continually lose market share to the likes of Macdonalds and the loyal Dunkin’ tribe. They’re told by critics that they no longer smell the coffee grinding; that those new sandwiches are stinking up the place so that it’s toast, and not grounds, wafting through the air.

Now I read in the WSJ that Starbucks baristas have been instructed to make no more than two drinks at a time. The horror!  Have you ever been in a line in a crowded Starbucks?  They multitask, and have frappucinos and lattes being made three and four at a time. No more. One union-member barista is already complaining that the long lines are going to be longer. But Starbucks brass say only that it takes time for new methods to work themselves out.

At the stock market, Starbucks new ideas like bringing on their Via instant coffee and new loyalty cards is paying off. Earnings are up 37% and sales rose 9% with a higher average spend per customer.