Small Triumphs to Savor, and Events to Enjoy

Ok, ok, now I am getting excited. So many things happen, and then you think about it, and some of them are really great! I’m planning a wine and cheese art opening happening at the cafe, showing off the photos from Afghanistan that were shot by Gary Moore and others who run the Marigold Fund. He’ll give a little talk and then I hope to have conversation. We will go across the street to Alina’s for dinner after.

Just before that, I battled with Verizon and hung up after 50 minutes, figuring I had to send them that big check. Then the phong rings again. It’s Lisa from Verizon, saying sorry, we are wrong you owe us nothing!”
thank heavens for these small acts of grace.

Still feeling the rush of doing the television appearance. Makes me want to go across the street and work out doing a local television show on cable. We could even broadcast it in the cafe monitors…though the only problem is we like our music, so the sound part would not be good. We ping-pong ideas back and forth, and hope that some turn out to be great. A promotion we did with Wines of Chile proved to be a big success. Ads on GoNOMAD’s Chile articles. Social network shout-outs. We used the editorial power of our content mixed with our social network mojo to help them out and publicize their contest.

All mixed together with the official unveiling of the man-cave in a few weeks. Happy to say that life is good.