Random Notes on the Final Days of the Building Project

Random notes from late October 2010: I had a long night’s sleep anticipating many things coming up. Today’s highlight will be the laying of carpet in my new bedroom addition, putting a nearly-final touch on this lovely new room that I will be moving into late next week.

I have ‘invested’ in one of the nicest looking TV sets I’ve ever seen, the Sony Bravia 40″ HDTV that connects to the internet. Netflix streaming is on my doorstep. Now I’ve never been happier to know a nerd who can actually hook all this stuff up, and even mount it to the wall. My friend Mitch who has wired the whole man-cave is not intimidated by instruction manuals, God bless him.

Next week we will spend two nights in New York City. First up is a meeting with 32 European tourism boards, then we’ll meet the people at an agency who are setting up a trip to Australia. Then we will experience “Eataly,” the new gastronomic temple in NYC modeled after the one that I went to in Torino. It’s all about slow food, Italian ingredients, and enjoying the good life on four floors of food and wine.