Getting Naked in Southern Vermont

Does it look warm enough to be naked here? We hope so.
Abbott's Glen, Southern Vermont.

Tomorrow I’ll be back on the road, writing an article about a visit to a clothing optional resort in the Green Mountains of Vermont.

We will visit Abbott’s Glen, where we are hoping that an Indian summer is in store. I remember well when I flew out to San Diego in May 2005 to visit DeAnza Springs Nudist resort in Jacumba. It was windy as hell and it made wearing no clothes a challenge.

The story was fun to write and to this day, is still well read on GoNOMAD, even though it carries no Google ads (they don’t like naked stuff).  What will it be like to visit a nudist resort five years later?

One advantage this time, I have a partner who also likes to be naked, which is better than visiting a place like this,  with so much exposure, by yourself.