Ch. 22’s Mass Appeal Will Feature Deerfield…and Us!

What’s the best way to advertise a town? How about on TV?

My fellow Deerfield tourist-driven businesses and I are signing a contract to appear on live TV, in hopes of drumming up more Deerfield Daytrippers as a result.  We will be creating two days worth of programming on channel 22’s locally produced morning show,  Mass Appeal,Nate and Ashley of WWLP's Mass Appeal and the two show hosts will come up to our towns to see what we’ve got to offer.

It’s a neat idea…footage of our leafy lanes, our bucolic views, our stinky candles and our savory chocolates…and live in the studio, one of our members will do a cooking demo, another will talk about Colonial Days in Historic Deerfield, and I’ll talk about how nice it is to spend time in our towns.

On Monday and Tuesday October 18-19, the 11 am show will be ALL DEERFIELD.  If nothing happens as a result, well at least we will have great segments to air on our tourism website, courtesy of Channel 22.