Keith Brown Jumps from 29,000 Feet…and Is Loving the Feeling!

Keith Brown was always an adventurer. In 1993 he climbed Mt. Everest. And just the other day, he skydived out of a plane at an astounding 29,000 feet up!

I met him at NMH in 1976.  Since then we haven’t been in touch, until recently when Facebook brought me his details…and his big news of the upcoming jump.
There aren’t many skydivers who have taken this high altitude plunge. He wrote to me after the experience.  First I read this post on FB

Keith Brown jumped from a king air airplane at 29,100ft shortly after sunrise today, 230mph max, 2+ minute freefall, opened the parachute at 4000 ft, 10 minute canopy ride to terra firma.

Here are some of this thoughts about the jump.

“ Max, I thought a while about your previous comment about having ‘nerve’ to do the big jump. Last few weeks I had anxiety, mostly about what would happen to wife Tyco if I was hurt or killed. Tyco was badly injured skydiving a decade ago but is peaceful and accepting, but I felt in violation of my pledge to support and be with her. During the 24 hour prep and skydive I was calm and it felt like all the previous anxiety was necessary for a proper state of mind. I think it was worth the risk, easy to say now that it is done and I am ok. Savoring the feeling of release after so much prep. I wore some of the same clothing I wore to the summit of Mt.Everest in 1993. This time some 70 feet higher…