It’s Those Little Details That I’ll Live with for a Lifetime

Today I made a bunch of decisions that I’ll be living with for years to come. I decided on a few paint colors, (easy) and then on a carpet, a honey-colored shag, ( easy). But then it got harder when it came time to decide about flooring. I’ve got four places to floor, and a bunch of ideas about what will be perfect.

But I want it to be the right one…so I immediately grabbed the subway-style tile with black accents on white. Diamond-shaped and comes in 12 inch squares so it looks like you put all of those little tiles in but they’re already cleverly connected. Then the hallway…and here it wasn’t easy at all.

I am very fond of hotels, and so my design criteria for this one is about hotels I’ve enjoyed staying in, and why.  One element I am trying to incorporate is upward, indirect lighting, bouncing the rays off the angled high ceilings.  I bought flourescent and now have been convinced I need dimming ability. So scratch that eco-friendly lighting type.  I am hoping to find either a row of LEDs of a solid ribbon of bright LED light that I can hide behind an oak screen, or molding.

I have also decided that oak will be a second design icon. Hey it’s a man-cave so you gotta have oak, leather and steel. So an oak door, an oaken threshold, oak trim and an oak hardwood floor for my mini vestibule. I’ve got my eyes on a very sleek airplane propeller-looking ceiling fan, and want a trim leather couch to entertain my guests.

It’s all coming together. You’ll see at the grand unveiling on October 24!