Dog Poop Fueled Lights in a Cambridge Park

Parks are wonderful, but there’s always the issue of that annoying dog poop to mess up your shoes and wreck your day. In Cambridge, MA ,an artist has come up with a use for dog poop. It’s a system of tanks and hoses that uses methane released by the poop to light a lamp.

The idea came to artist Matthew Mazzotta after a visit to India, where he saw methane digesters like this that create flames to cook food. Well, here we’re not about to do that, but yea, lighting a lamp is a good use for the gas.

Methane is dangerous, more than 20 times worse for the environment than Co2, so any way to get it burned off, instead of just sitting there fuming is a good idea.

The idea, however brilliant, is only temporary. The yellow and black art project will be dismantled at the end of the month.